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As the trade association dedicated to promoting the preservation and advancement of Ohio’s non-alcoholic beverage industry, the Ohio Beverage Association (formerly the Ohio Soft Drink Association) is the voice for bottling firms, manufacturers and beverage companies across Ohio. Ohio Bev’s work creates a unified body within the beverage industry to support legislative and regulatory issues affecting the industry, while supplying the public and policymakers with timely and accurate information.

Ohio’s beverage industry is a growing business that employs thousands of workers throughout the state, invests in communities and contributes more than one billion dollars annually in state and federal taxes. Our members offer consumers a myriad of brands, flavors and packaging choices and a full range of drink options: soft drinks, diet soft drinks, ready-to-drink teas, bottled waters, water beverages, 100 percent juice, juice drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks.

Collectively, our members have taken action and embraced innovation. Our efforts have cut calories in beverages and promoted the importance of a balanced diet and exercise in schools. We have made environmental stewardship a priority in industry operations, while searching for more ways to become even more environmentally conscious. We strive to communicate more effectively about our products and how they fit into a balanced lifestyle.

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Recent Blog Posts

  • July 2018 KMC Blog Post Legislative Leadership Tackles CDL Driver Shortages (7/6/2018) - Our industry relies on heavy-duty vehicle operators.  These drivers hold commercial drivers’ licenses (CDL), and they are part of a shrinking pool of talent.  In Ohio, our legislative leaders are paying attention to critical driver shortages and advancing key legislation to help industries like ours. Fleet management is a critical cost center for all our ... MORE
  • Warm Reception Blog Post Photo Warm Reception in Washington (4/25/2018) - Last week, Ohio Bev joined colleagues from around the nation at our annual American Beverage Association Fly-In. We met with eleven Ohio Congressional offices over two days. Anyone who’s done a fly-in knows the DC pace is swift with harried legislative directors and triple-booked members rushing from one meeting to the next, wedging in floor ... MORE
  • Kimberly March 2018 Blog Post Bringing Our “A” Game (3/28/2018) - From A to Z-- make that Akron to Zanesville-- members of the Ohio Beverage Association spent a productive day at the Ohio Statehouse for our annual Legislative Day. Whether they headed up from Franklin Furnace (Scioto County for those of you playing at home) or drove down from Toledo, these fierce competitors from companies representing ... MORE
  • KMC Feb. 22 Blog Post Let’s Try and Try Again (2/22/2018) - What if we were all a bit more patient, or kind? I’m not picturing a worldwide hug, but recent events and conversations reminded me that looking for things to agree upon rather than squaring off in disagreement builds connection. Those connections lead to better—well, everything from policy to neighborhood harmony. And one of the kindest, ... MORE
  • KMC Blog Post Jan. 2018 Happy Anniversary Philly Tax–You Lost 1,192 Jobs & Slashed GDP by $80 Million! (1/24/2018) - Not all anniversaries commemorate happy events laden with purple prose and red roses. Some anniversaries force people to look at negative things and their very real consequences. The anniversary of Philadelphia’s beverage tax, dropped on its citizens in January 2017 by political fiat not popular vote, can’t be celebrated. It can however serve as a ... MORE


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