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The invention of the “crown cap” in 1892 revolutionized the soft drink industry. Tiny in design it prevented the escape of carbon dioxide from bottled beverages, and opened the door for home consumption of soft drinks. For many years America’s pharmacists were the driving force behind the refinement of soft drinks and many of the flavor combinations. The invention of the automobile began a new era for the soft drink industry. In 1913 motor trucks began to replace horse drawn carriages as delivery vehicles and were better able to satisfy the country’s growing taste for liquid refreshment. During World War II and all subsequent conflicts, the soft drink industry donated products to American troops serving on the front lines. Responding to consumer demand, the industry produced soft drinks in cans (1958) and introduced diet beverages to the market (1952). Bottlers use sophisticated filtering and other treatment equipment to remove any residual impurities and to standardize the water used to make soft drinks.


Kimberly McConville
Executive Director

Kimberly McConville

As executive director of the Ohio Soft Drink Association, Kimberly McConville represents the interests of the Ohio non-alcoholic beverage industry in all legislative and regulatory matters. Member companies produce a full-range of drink options including soft drinks, diet soft drinks, bottled waters, ready-to-drink teas, 100 percent juice, juice drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks.

Kimberly’s knowledge of legislative affairs, coupled with her financial expertise, allows her to serve as a liaison between the beverage industry, local and state government, and the public, to promote and maintain the general welfare of the beverage industry.

Prior to working with the OSDA, Kimberly served as the executive director of the Ohio Health Commissioners Association. Prior to that, she was the director of legislative affairs for Auditor of State, Jim Petro.

Kimberly serves on the board of Keep Ohio Beautiful and The Ohio Society of Association Executives.

Kimberly holds a B.A. in politics and government from Ohio Wesleyan University. She lives in Westerville, Ohio with her son Curran.


How long have you worked in this industry? I became OSDA’s Executive Director in 2003.

What led you to this industry? The chance to represent stellar employers and community partners.

What is your favorite beverage? 1.) Coca-Cola: Diet Coke 2.) Dr Pepper Snapple Group: Diet Snapple Tropa-Rocka 3.) Pepsi: Kickstart Pineapple Orange Mango

What is your hidden talent? I am a champion pie baker!

Contact Information:

Kimberly McConville, Executive Director
Ohio Soft Drink Association
1170 Old Henderson Road, Suite 201 Columbus, OH 43220
(614) 442-1803 PH (614) 442-1830 FAX
E-mail osdakimberly@rrohio.com


Kelly Mignogna
Communications ManagerHeadshot


How long have you worked in this industry? I started at OSDA in January of 2014.

What led you to this industry? I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to work for some of the most impressive companies in the world!

What is your favorite beverage? 1.) Coca-Cola: Diet Coke 2.) Dr Pepper Snapple Group: Orange Mango Body Armor 3.) Pepsi: Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash

What is your hidden talent? I seem to excel at any sport I try!