Fun Facts

Q. Where do I get information on new soft drink brands?

A. For overall industry trends, visit any of the following sites:
Beverage Digest
Beverage Industry Magazine

Q. How do connect with a local bottler on charity sponsorships?

A. Ohio’s non-alcoholic beverage bottlers care about their local communities and many sponsor various events and programs. The best approach is to find your local bottler on our members section and give them as much information as possible about your group or program.

If your program is statewide, consider sending a request to

Q. How can I check out a rumor I read about soft drinks?

A. Unfortunately, there are many rumors, hoaxes and urban legends about soft drinks and many other consumer products circulating on the internet.

For rumor busting involving soft drinks, security issues and dozens of items (and some entertaining information about the origins of some urban legends), visit

The Coca-Cola Company dispels rumors, junk science claims and other myths surrounding soft drinks with solid information at: