Welcoming 2017

Now that all of the yearend parties are over and resolutions made (and possibly broken by now), I think it’s time to focus on getting things done. What I love about my beverage industry folks is that they live in the real world.

Part of what attracted me to this gig and what has kept me here, is that I get to represent people who just get things done. Ohio is home to nearly 10,000 beverage industry jobs—people who work hard, long hours to make, sell and deliver hundreds of delicious beverages. They do this with an incredible work ethic and very little fanfare.

From the busy sales agent multi-tasking orders, the lab technician tasting products to make sure everything is perfect, to the driver gutting it out in all kinds of weather to stock store shelves, our members work. And they work in communities on every festival, fundraiser, 5K race, veteran’s event or fill-in-the-blank endeavor because they care about where they live and raise their own families.

And this industry doesn’t just talk about leadership on environmental and wellness issues, they continue to make real world strides. Any business can tweet about change and leadership. Anyone can study an issue to death. Any cynic can proclaim that all employers care about is the bottom line.

But I actually serve an industry that works hard in communities across this state, constantly innovates how they go to market and how they operate their facilities from the most sophisticated production centers to very humble warehouses. They hustle. They get things done.

So here’s to 2017—getting things done, finding ways to acknowledge others’ ideas and contributions and keeping great jobs in Ohio. Our members will keep working and we will keep telling their stories.

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