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Finding Balance

Over the years, our industry has taken big steps to promote balance, encourage mindful consumption, and protect consumer choice. We think this is more effective than discriminatory taxes and restrictions. Simply put, providing choice and information is a better way.


Product Innovation

More Choices. Smaller Portions. Less Sugar.

America's beverage companies are working to decrease sugar consumed from beverages to bring about lasting changes. We are driving behavioral change by bringing people more beverage options with less sugar or no sugar at all, as well as smaller portions, and providing them the information and encouragement they want at the point-of-sale.


Consumer Information

Clear Calorie Information On Every Can, Bottle and Pack

In 2010, in support of the "Let's Move!" anti-obesity campaign, America's beverage companies announced the Clear on Calories initiative—a voluntary commitment to place easy-to-use calorie labels on the front of every bottle, can, and pack they produce. By placing total calories on the front of all bottles and cans up to and including 20 ounces, consumers know exactly how many calories are in the beverage before making a purchase. For packages larger than 20 ounces, the labels provide calories per serving. The calorie labels put this information right at the fingertips of consumers so they can make a choice that's right for them.

Calories Count, Check Then Choose

In 2012, America's beverage companies launched the Calories Count™ Beverage Vending Program in an effort to provide clear calorie information on vending machines, encourage lower-calorie beverage choices and remind consumers that "calories count" in all the choices they make. By placing a "Calories Count™" vending sticker on the front of beverage vending machines, the industry aims to remind consumers to consider calories in their beverage choices with messages such as "Check Then Choose."


Bold Initiatives

Changing The School Beverage Landscape

America's beverage companies have reduced beverage calories shipped to schools across America by more than 90 percent by voluntarily removing full-calorie soft drinks from K–12 schools and replacing them with lower-calorie and smaller-portion options. The industry successfully developed the voluntary National School Beverage Guidelines with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. They were successfully implemented in 2010, and formed the basis for the beverage component of USDA's Smart Snacks in School rule.

The Balance Calories Initiative is a historic partnership of all three major beverage producers (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Keurig Dr Pepper) working together to help fight obesity by reducing beverage calories 20% per capita by 2025. In Ohio and across the U.S. you will see these steps to help families achieve balance:

Encouraging calorie awareness messages on all company-controlled POS equipment (vending, fountain, coolers)


Increasing Interest In / Access To Reduced Calorie Beverages

- Leverage product/packaging choices, marketing, and distribution expertise, consumer awareness

- Work with retailers to increase access to no and lower calorie products and smaller portion sizes


Ohio Engagement with Local Officials, Public Health, and Faith Leaders

- Discovering ways to work with existing programs at the local level on balance messages

- Conducting market tours to explain how our industry is driving real change around new products, smaller portions, and consumer education about balancing what you eat, drink, and do

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