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Annual OhioBev Legislative Day Highlights Leadership

Ohio's non-alcoholic beverage industry recently convened in Columbus for its annual Legislative Day, bringing together nearly one hundred members for a series of impactful meetings with state legislators. The event served as a platform to highlight the industry's significant contributions to the state's economy, evolving consumer choices, and environmental stewardship.

Job Growth and Economic Impact

Legislative meetings began with updated economic impact information from members. The industry boasts impressive figures, employing over 12,000 individuals statewide and generating over $1.0 billion in wages and benefits. Furthermore, it indirectly supports an additional 58,000 jobs in various sectors such as restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and movie theaters, underscoring its vital role in Ohio's workforce. Notably, the industry contributes $899.4 million annually in state taxes and $1.5 billion in federal taxes, further cementing its economic significance.

Commitment to Consumer Choice and Health

During the Legislative Day meetings, industry representatives emphasized their commitment to providing consumers with a diverse array of beverage options. With nearly 60% of beverages sold containing zero sugar, the industry leads in offering healthier choices to consumers. Legislators were provided with a sampling of these options, showcasing new products and flavors that align with evolving consumer preferences.

Environmental Sustainability Efforts

The industry showcased its dedication to environmental sustainability, particularly in reducing plastic waste. Members highlighted significant progress in increasing the use of recycled plastic in beverage bottles, with the amount nearly tripling over a four-year period. Additionally, the industry's national Every Bottle Back initiative has made substantial investments in community recycling projects, projected to yield over 650 million pounds of recycled PET over the next decade. Individual companies also shared their sustainability initiatives, including investments in water conservation, fleet management, and recycled content.

Invitation to Tour Facilities

Each legislative meeting concluded with an invitation for legislators to tour local facilities. OhioBev will initiate tour season later this month, offering legislators the opportunity to witness the industry's commitment to excellence throughout the state.

We are grateful for our members’ time and legislators’ attention during Legislative Day. Through collaboration with legislators and ongoing initiatives, the industry continues to demonstrate its leadership and dedication to the well-being of Ohio communities.



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