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Coca-Cola Consolidated is Helping Families All Over Ohio

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Coca-Cola Consolidated has been active in charitable giving all around the state this year. Two of their largest contributions have been to Flying Horse Farms and Lutheran Social Services Emergency Food Pantry. These contributions are just a few examples of how Coca-Cola Consolidated is serving communities all over Ohio.

Flying Horse Farms is a camp in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. The camp serves children with serious illnesses and conditions, giving them a chance to participate in various activities. Coca-Cola Consolidated donated money as well as time to the camp this summer. They sent thirteen teammates to spend multiple days at the camp prepping for the upcoming family camp retreat. Their time was spent cleaning bathrooms, making beds, and mopping floors. Previously, the team donated $5,000 towards camper scholarships.

Additionally, a contribution of $5,000 and five hundred shopping totes was made to Lutheran Social Services. The funds will help stock the pantry to feed the five hundred families that visit Lutheran Social Services. The team discussed additional ways to serve the pantry. As a result, the company chose reusable shopper totes to help visitors better manage bulky grocery transportation.



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