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Coca-Cola Syrup Plant Heroes Honored

Heroes Honored from left to right (holding awards): Eric Graham, Greg Shann and Jim Garland

Earlier this fall, amid all the stress and bustle of COVID-19, three heroes stepped forward to save their co-worker's life. Eric Graham, Greg Shann and Jim Garland took immediate action at the Coca-Cola Syrup Plant in Columbus. They grabbed an AED and correctly used the instrument to save their co-worker from cardiac arrest. Eric, Greg and Jim worked as a team to continue administering CPR until paramedics arrived on the scene.

Plant Director Dan Schwyn shared the picture above with us and described a wonderful ceremony in which the three men were honored by the Columbus Fire Chief on October 20. The Chief's Distinguished Citizen Award goes to citizens whose conduct goes "above and beyond" to save lives. And thanks to the quick actions of Eric, Greg and Jim, their co-worker survived and by all accounts will make a full recovery.



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