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G&J Pepsi Celebrates Blow-Mold Milestone

What started as a vision and a vacant building is now a beverage “moon shot.” Today, OhioBev's Executive Director Kimberly McConville joined G&J Pepsi Cola leaders and teammates to celebrate a milestone in sustainability and efficiency.

G&J Pepsi leadership envisioned making their own PET bottles to save transportation costs and time waiting on inventory. This vision led management to look at a vacant building near their Columbus production facility as a diamond in the rough. Very rough. Steve Kaplan, Senior Vice President of Operations for G&J Pepsi remembers the building with no electricity because all copper wiring had been stripped out. He joked that what it lacked in wiring it had in trees growing out of broken windows.

Despite a challenging renovation, the now state-of-the-art PET blow molding facility opened in 2015 producing a few hundred thousand bottles of all sizes to hold refreshing beverages. From the start, the operation has proven its worth in time, labor and cost savings.

Today’s celebration marked another significant achievement: 2 billion PET bottles produced. Calculations by Steve Kaplan with an assist by AI reveal that 2 billion two-liter bottles placed end to end would cover the distance from Earth to the moon and on the way back! A true moonshot.

CEO Tim Trant thanked the “OG” team and current team members who keep the facility running smoothly. Currently, G&J makes both PET pre-forms and the bottles that are created from them.

 So, what is next? Caps of course! Once the cap operation is running, virtually all parts of PET bottles will be made on-site at the Columbus plant. Today was a great reminder of how G&J Pepsi continues its record of innovation and excellence in efficiency and sustainability.

(Left) G&J Pepsi CEO Tim Trant speaking to event attendees. (Right) Display of bottles produced at the facility.



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