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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving week has arrived. Before we all move through the paces of dinner preparations, road trips, and Black Friday shopping, this is the perfect time to stop and reflect. After all, at its core, Thanksgiving is holiday about gratitude. At the Ohio Soft Drink Association, we have much for which to be grateful.


From Lake Erie down to the Ohio River, OSDA’s member facilities are spread across the state. Together, they are bottlers who create a $6 billion economic impact on Ohio. That includes nearly 10,000 employees offering consumers a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. We play an important role in the state economy by providing well-paying jobs– and paying significant amounts of tax dollars.

And we’re a generous industry, too. It’s an honor to work with each and every one of our member businesses, as they focus not only on delivering quality, delicious products but also on making a difference in their communities. Did you know that Ohio’s beverage companies and their employees contribute $61 million to charitable causes across the state?


Members of the Ohio General Assembly understand that a predictable business climate is essential for our industry. The bottlers must compete within their own company systems for capital investments, new product launches, and other improvements. By providing a business-friendly environment in our state, our member companies can be better poised to succeed and grow.

For example, fair tax treatment of our industry and products ensures that Ohio facilities stay competitive with facilities in neighboring states. If the cost of doing business in Ohio rises, through adverse tax treatment, for example, companies will pull back investments and pour dollars into other locations. This diversion would threaten Ohio beverage industry jobs and the thousands of retail and agriculture jobs that depend on our members performing at their peak and reinvesting.


Ohio is blessed with vast natural resources like plentiful water, prime agricultural land, and accessible highway systems to major markets. In fact, this year, Ohio ranked No. 3 on the Site Selection Magazine’s list of top business climates.

The Buckeye State is a great place to live and work.

One reason for our state’s high ranking is our people. Ohioans are hardworking, resilient workers. And our industry is proud to employ them for the long haul. Unlike other industries that suffer from high turnover, when people take a job with a bottler, they are likely to stay for 20, 30, and 40+ years. These days, that’s something to be proud of.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our members and friends!

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