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Keurig Dr Pepper & Keep Columbus Beautiful Begin Watershed Recycling Project

Volunteers from Keurig Dr Pepper’s Columbus plant helped launch a watershed recycling project. The multi-faceted project is made possible by a grant from Keurig Dr Pepper and Keep America Beautiful (KAB). Columbus area watersheds at Griggs Reservoir and Hoover Reservoir will recycling bins and targeted efforts to encourage “away from home” recycling at these popular outdoor recreation areas.

To begin the project, local KAB affiliate Keep Columbus Beautiful conducted a pre-placement litter scan. The scan revealed heavily littered areas at Hoover with 43 bags of litter collected and several pounds of 100 percent recyclable beverage containers. Similarly, Griggs volunteers removed 17 bags of trash and separated out several pounds of PET beverage bottles and aluminum cans for recycling.

The goal for the recycling bins, consumer education and active monitoring of the bins via GIS “smart container” technology is to capture more recyclables and keep the waterways free of debris.

A local news crew caught all the action as this project began.



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