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Keurig Dr Pepper Shares Commitment to Sustainability and Health

Updated: Jul 6, 2021


The latest edition of Keurig Dr Pepper's Drink Well. Do Good. report for 2020 shows the progress that the company has made towards its sustainability goals. The report also sets new goals in motion for health and well-being, diversity and inclusion, and environmental stewardship.

Among the updates to current goals, KDP announced that the achievement of producing 100% recyclable K-Cups advances the percentage of packaging that is now recyclable or compostable to 90%, aiding in their goal of 100% by 2025. The report also shows that KDP is halfway to reaching their goal of harnessing 100% of electricity used in operations from renewable sources.

Among their new goals, KDP is committed to responsibly source 100% of its priority inputs like cocoa, corn and apples. They have also introduced new commitments to increase by 25% the representation of women and people of color in high level positions by 2025.

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During a recent industry meeting, members from Keurig Dr Pepper outlined their efforts in ensuring that their products have a lasting positive impact on the Earth and its inhabitants. The initiative dubbed Drink Well. Do Good. focuses on four key areas: environment, supply chain, health and wellbeing, and communities.

In their presentation, KDP laid out their goals for creating less packaging waste, which includes converting to 100% recyclable material or compostable packaging by the year 2025. They also plan to obtain 100% of electricity from renewable sources in that same timeframe. In December, KDP announced that they have already achieved their goal of making all K-Cup pods recyclable by the end of 2020.

KDP also shared progress on their Let’s Play initiative which has provided play opportunities for over 379,000 kids across Ohio with six KDP-led playground builds in the last decade. They have also awarded more than 100 playground and sports equipment grants throughout the state.

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