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Let's Think Big Picture on Sustainable Packaging


Ohio businesses compete with other states and often within their own company systems on product lines, capital dollars and marketing support. A predictable business climate, including government regulations that allow for scalable decision-making is essential.

Navigating city by city regulations in an area like packaging is disruptive and runs contrary to how businesses make decisions. Most brands cannot customize their packaging to fit individual city requirements—nor should they.

Decision-Making on Packaging

Packaging decisions are based on finding the best fit to protect a product’s integrity, fit consumer needs and ensure safety. And any consumer facing business is now responding to demands for recyclability and/or more recycled content.

Our members are leading in this space with new container designs, commitments on using more recycled content and boosting recycling systems to get more of our bottles and cans back as valuable feedstock for more containers. We are working to get Every Bottle Back.

Road to Greater Sustainability

Changing consumer preferences and new sustainability demands at every step of the product value chain drive significant business investment. The hard, expensive work in this space must produce innovative, responsive options for the explosion of new products with compressed time from development to shorter manufacturing runs and time to market.

Increasingly, packaging must be AI responsive. This is becoming a vital part of supply chain traceability. The technology required for this is big picture and big investment.

Real Solutions are Collaborative & Scalable

Sustainability and work toward circular economies is a big lift that requires industry, government and organizational leaders and retailers to collaborate. Improvements in manufacturing, recycling infrastructure, government services and retail outlets all have a role to play.

This work is underway in all business sectors with very public commitments to sustainability and transparent metrics around those commitments. If our local government officials are willing to forego knee-jerk bans on materials and work constructively on big picture solutions, Ohio can make significant progress.



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