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More Choices Less Sugar: Doing Our Part to Promote Balance

Ohio’s beverage companies offer more choices with less sugar than ever before. These choices include sparkling, flavored and bottled waters; and zero sugar sports drinks, teas and sodas. And our members have reformulated a number of full-calorie brands to have less sugar. We’ve expanded distribution of mini-cans to encourage consumers to try smaller packages that can help them moderate their sugar intake. These efforts are working!

Today nearly 60% of beverages sold are zero sugar. And since our industry launched its national Balance Calories Initiative in 2014, beverage calories per person have gone down 10%, from 202.8 calories per person to 182.6 calories per person nationally.

Consumers are looking for more choices to support them in their efforts to find balance and our members are delivering for them. Consumers appreciate having these choices and clear information in easy-to-read calorie counts on the front of every bottle, can and park we sell.

They also notice our efforts on vending machines. We are placing calorie reminders on more than three million vending machines, fountains and coolers. Even the selection buttons tell people how many calories are in the drink before they make a purchase.

Beverage companies believe there is a better way to help people reduce the amount of sugar they get from beverages than unproductive taxes and government overreach. We all want the same thing—a strong, healthy America. And our beverage companies have put competition aside and are working together to offer more choices and less sugar, so together with public health groups we can help promote a balanced lifestyle.



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