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Spring Newsletter 2020

A Message From Our Executive Director

March 4 was an eternity ago. Although COVID 19 storm clouds were already gathering, our OhioBev Legislative Day dawned cool and bright. Over 100 members from around Ohio met with legislators, briefing them on industry leadership initiatives in calorie management and plastics recycling. We also explained our critical need for more CDL drivers to deliver our products. 

Coronavirus Update

Click the link about to visit's Coronavirus job search portal. Here you can easily search for open positions that are currently available at each of our member companies.

Whenever we face a crisis as Americans, we pull together. Neighbors help neighbors, friends reach out to friends, and families get closer. It’s also a time when ordinary folks put aside their fears to punch that clock every day so the rest of us get what we need to make it through the week. Here in Ohio you see them everywhere. In Columbus, truckers from Keurig Dr Pepper on Stelzer Rd., plant workers at G&J Pepsi on Gibbard Ave. and merchandisers from Coca-Cola Consolidated on Groves Rd. are on the job night and day to get us our groceries. Stock workers are hustling to put items on grocery shelves; cashiers, counter people, managers and assistant managers are working double-time. Some of these folks never get much notice, but they are critical to helping us maintain a sense of normalcy while our medical professionals and first responders work the front lines. The Ohio Beverage Association salutes these men and women in Franklin County and throughout Ohio who show up to work every so we can have the foods and beverages we want for our families. Let’s all try and give a “thank you” to one of these folks next time we see them.

Pilot Program Announced to Remove Recyclable Material from Greater Cincinnati Waterways and Provide Green Jobs in the Community 

"Mill Creek Alliance, Coca-Cola Consolidated, and Osprey Initiative announce a pilot program to collect and remove recyclable materials from the waterways in the Greater Cincinnati area using devices called Litter Gitters. In addition to collecting and removing materials from the waterways, this pilot program will gather data and find sustainable solutions for the future using the materials gathered from the Litter Gitters."

The New OhioBev Website Is Live!

Ohio Beverage Association Community Grant Program

The Ohio Beverage Association (OhioBev) and its member companies are pleased to announce our OhioBev Community Organization Grant Program. We are committed to improving the communities where we live, work, and play. We recognize that we cannot have a healthy and growing business unless the communities we serve are healthy and sustainable. The OhioBev supports local communities by providing grants to promote nutrition, physical activity and health initiatives, as well as environmental sustainability programs. Please feel free to share the application with any individuals or organizations that you think would be interested in applying. 



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