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Congressman Mike Carey Tours Coca-Cola North America Syrup Plant

Updated: Feb 28

OhioBev's first facility tour of 2024, hosted at the Coca-Cola North America Syrup Plant in Columbus, was enlightening and informative. Special thanks to Congressman Mike Carey and his district director Blaine Kelly for joining the tour and engaging in meaningful discussions.


Plant Manager and OhioBev Member Dan Schwyn added depth to the tour, sharing valuable insights into the operations. The CCNA Syrup Plant is a powerhouse, responsible for producing a staggering 5 billion12-oz. servings annually!

Throughout the tour, participants had the opportunity to witness firsthand the meticulous processes involved in syrup production, from ingredient sourcing to blending and packaging. The plant's state-of-the-art machinery and rigorous quality control measures were on full display, highlighting the company's unwavering commitment to product excellence and safety.

As OhioBev continues to advocate for the interests of the beverage industry in the state, events like the facility tour at the CCNA Syrup Plant serve as invaluable opportunities to showcase the innovation, dedication, and economic impact of Ohio's non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers.


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