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Every Bottle Back

Our 100% Recyclable Bottles are Made to be Remade. And We Want Every Bottle Back.

America's leading beverage companies are working together to reduce our industry's plastic footprint through our new Every Bottle Back initiative. We're using less new plastic and investing in efforts to get our bottles back so we can remake them into new ones.

Commitment & Strategy

We're working together to ensure our plastic bottles become new bottles, and they don't end up in our oceans, rivers, or beaches.

Our Plastic Bottles Are Unique

We're carefully designing our plastic bottles to be 100% recyclable—even the caps.

We make our bottles from PET because it's strong, light, valuable, and most importantly, easy to recycle and make into new products, including new bottles.

Measuring Our Plastic Footprint

World Wildlife Fund is providing strategic, scientific advice to help measure our industry's efforts to reduce our plastic footprint.

100% Recyclable

Our companies will place a message on packaging about the 100% recyclability of our plastic bottles and caps beginning in late 2020.

Raising Awareness & Inspiring Action

We're investing in awareness campaigns to reinforce and promote the value of our 100% recyclable plastic bottles with consumers and stakeholders, inspiring audiences to recycle them.

Improving Recycling Infrastructure

We're working to improve the quality and availability of recycled plastic in key regions of the country by directing the equivalent of $400 million to The Recycling Partnership and Closed Loop Partners through a new $100 million industry fund that will be matched three-to-one by other grants and investors.

Water Conservation

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