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Ohio Beverage Association is a trade association dedicated to the preservation and advancement of Ohio’s bottling, manufacturing, and beverage companies.

What Do We Do?


From products in your neighborhood store to our support of local community initiatives, our presence is felt in every community across the state. We play an important role in the state’s economy by providing good-paying jobs, paying significant tax dollars to the state and federal government and making generous charitable contributions to organizations across the state.


Over the years, our industry has taken big steps to promote balance, encourage mindful consumption, and protect consumer choice. We think this is more effective than discriminatory taxes and restrictions. Simply put, providing choice and information is a better way.


Beverage companies are working with local leaders and environmental groups nationally to reduce plastic waste, cut our carbon footprint, conserve vital resources, and keep the places we live and work litter-free.


As the trade association dedicated to promoting the preservation and advancement of Ohio’s non-alcoholic beverage industry, the Ohio Beverage Association (formerly the Ohio Soft Drink Association) is the voice for bottling firms, manufacturers and beverage companies across Ohio. OhioBev’s work creates a unified body within the beverage industry to support legislative and regulatory issues affecting the industry, while supplying the public and policymakers with timely and accurate information.

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OhioBev believes in protecting and advancing the non-alcoholic beverage industry in Ohio through collaboration and education with our members, legislators and community partners.


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